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      Outage Alerts & Text Reporting

      As part of always working to serve you better, Eversource offers outage and restoration updates for your electric service in the channels you choose - text, email and phone.

      You can also report an outage by text and receive on-demand text status updates on your restoration.

      After updating your alert notification settings you can receive alerts on:

      • Your time of restoration;
      • Outage cause;
      • Status updates;
      • Restoration completion.

      By activating text alert notifications you are also enrolling to report an outage by text and receive status updates.

      • Text "OUT" to 23129 to report an outage.
      • Text "STAT" to 23129 to receive a status update.

      If you already have a user ID or are already logged in, simply click below to see and select your options. If you need a user ID, you can register now and find alerts in the My Account section.

      If you'd prefer, you can also quickly register for outage reporting and status updates via text by by sending "REG" to 23129.

      Social Media

      Our Twitter and Facebook pages are regularly updated with the latest storm information. Make sure to follow or like us today.