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      Gas Supplier Information in Massachusetts

      Access to Eversource electronic bulletin board service is available to marketers with customers in our gas service territory. We will be happy to provide marketers with the necessary dial-up and application software.

      For more information regarding electronic bulletin board access, telemetering/nontelemeters, supplier pools, nominations/confirmations, supplier billing, OFO/critical day information, please contact:

      Nicole Keenan
      Phone: 781-441-8487
      Fax: 781-441-8495

      For information regarding EDI and customer transactions (enrollments, changes, drops, use history requests), please contact:

      Jeanne M. Belliveau
      Phone: 781-441-8531
      Fax: 781-441-8721

      Regulatory Information

      Capacity Entitlements

      Gas Allowance Factor

      Please note, Eversource's gas allowance factor in Massachusetts will change effective November 1, 2018 from 1.89 percent to 1.72 percent.

      Holiday Schedule

      • New Year's Day - January 1 *
      • Martin Luther King Day - Third Monday of January
      • President's Day - Third Monday in February
      • Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
      • Independence Day - July 4 *
      • Labor Day - First Monday in September
      • Columbus Day - Second Monday in October
      • Veterans' Day - November 11 *
      • Thanksgiving Day - When appointed
      • Christmas - December 25 *

      * If this holiday falls on a Sunday the following day will be observed as the holiday.

      Other Information